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Other well-known lepton neutrino. Neutrinoes are the most widespread particles in the Universe. The Universe can be presented by the shoreless neutrino sea in which islands in the form of atoms occasionally meet. But, despite such prevalence of a neutrino, it is very difficult to study them. As we already noted, neutrinoes are almost not audible. Without participating neither in strong, nor in electromagnetic interactions, they get through substances as though it in general is not present. Neutrinoes are certain "ghosts" of the physical world.

There was a discussion about in what way it needs to be done. A. Einstein and a number of physicists considered that the quantum-mechanical description of physical reality is significantly incomplete. In other words, the created theory is not the fundamental theory, and only an intermediate step in relation to it therefore it needs to be added with essentially new postulates and concepts, i.e. to finish that part of the bases of the new theory which is connected with its principles.

Knowledge basis — experiment, direct interaction between means of research of a and object. As well as in classical physics, the is free in a choice of experimental conditions.

The microcosm phenomena, microprocesses possess lines of a, irreversibility and indivisibility which lead to high-quality change of ideas of character of a of object and experimental means of research.

Everything put in the second surprising line of gravitation — in its universality. Anything in the Universe cannot avoid gravitation. Each particle is influenced by action of gravitation and itself is a gravitation source, causes a gravitational attraction. Gravitation increases in process of formation of the increasing congestions of substance. And though the attraction of one atom is negligible, but the resulting attraction force from all atoms can be considerable. It is shown and in everyday life: we feel gravitation because all atoms of Earth together attract us. But in a microcosm the role of gravitation is insignificant. No quantum effects in gravitation are available to supervision yet.