Changing The Roof On Firealpaca

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The subspecies of an abortiv are presented by grades, plants of the differ in very strong branching (to the sixth or seventh about and growth of escapes in the top part of a stalk owing to what the firm white or yellowish head is formed. Before blossoming the head on separate parts, tops of the main stalk and escapes to the fifth or sixth orders die off, flowers and seeds are formed on separate peripheral of high orders of branching.

Preparation and disembarkation of matochnik. In the spring matochnik touch, deleting atypical, the patients damaged, who strongly sprouted root crops. From trenches matochnik take out manually or using transheekopatel, excavators. The bucket of the excavator has to take from a bottom of trenches that reduces damage of.

It is expedient to cut of the central umbrellas give to drink humidity of seeds of 45 — 50% (seeds have coloring). After cut of the central cleaning of seed bushes should be carried out at humidity of seeds in umbrellas of the first order about 50% (wax ripeness of seeds) or at humidity of average test of seeds from umbrellas of the first and second orders within 50 — 55%. Seeds on umbrellas of the first order at this time light brown coloring, and on umbrellas of the second order the green. The cut-off seed plants dozarivat.

. Before landing matochnik pickle in the dry way 80% TMTD at the rate of 5 — 6 kg on 1 t or apply a wet protravlivaniye in 3 — a 4% of TMTD. Root crops in container lower in capacity with a for some seconds.

High-quality examination of seed plants of carrots is conducted before blossoming for the purpose of observance check. isolation and absence on crops of tsvetushny plants. To a smykaniye of rows regularly delete seed plants (especially fomozy).

Cleaning, dozarivaniye, thresh of seed plants. Cleaning of seeds. Start cleaning of seed plants at the end of an — to the first half of September when a half of umbrellas gets brownish coloring and edges them will start inside. In a midland seeds of carrots not at the same time and cleaning carry out in two steps. At the first collecting selectively cut off the central umbrellas which then dry. Then in 15 — 20 days cut off the whole seed plants. The dried seed plants should be threshed immediately as at rainy weather they dampen and seeds can grow mouldy. Mature seed plants it is better for Dozarivaniye to carry out in steblesushilka, under canopies.

Within a look two subspecies are allocated: simplex (subsp. simplex Lizg.) and abortiva (subsp. abortiva Lizg.). The most primitive forms, or asparagus grades — broccolis at which the of a stalk is expressed less are carried to subspecies a simplex, poorly fastsiirovanny dark green or violet escapes of the first and second orders of branching with buds form a friable. Grades of these subspecies are widespread in Italy, now them cultivate in Western Europe and the USA.