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Compensations at the first, second and third levels can be increased with 10 to 15% in case of existence at the participant of the status of "constancy". On the scheme it is represented as additional percent 5*. The status of "constancy" the participant has at the monthly demand of volume not smaller standards of personal consumer activity. This status is given in the first month of work. If in any month volume is not declared, the participant loses this status. To restore the status of constancy, it is necessary to be two months in a row the active participant (thus, from the first three levels only 10% will be paid), for the third month the status is restored and paid 15%.

The total volume of month is the sum of volume from those levels (taking into account a compression) which the participant gets by 1 part of the Compensation plan. This size pays off without creation of virtual verticals.

For creation of an ascending scale the algorithm of redistribution of volumes on deeper virtual levels is used, thus compensations for higher participants calculate taking into account these virtual levels.

Means from fund of co-owners of the current month are divided between co-owners in proportion to personal coefficients of a sovladeniye which reflect the total volume of the co-owner for the current month and its leader degree.

Note. The volumes created by the participant are summarized on the personal account. They are automatically had from month to month. Charge of compensation happens after all created volume or part are declared for calculation upon termination of the next month. These declared volumes in a further statement will be understood as the term "volume" (if it is not stipulated opposite.