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Carrying out in common checks, inspections of technical condition of buildings, constructions, the equipment, cars and mechanisms, adaptations, means of collective and individual protection of workers, a state sanitarno - technical devices, work of ventilating systems on compliance to requirements of labor protection.

The hot shop is equipped with the modern equipment: thermal, refrigerating, mechanical, and nonmechanical: plates, zharochny cases, electrofrying pans, electrodeep fryers, refrigerating cases, production tables and racks.

 existence on workplaces of instructions on labor protection for workers according to the list of professions and types of works on which instructions on labor protection, have to be developed by their timely revision;

Carrying out fire-prevention instructing of workers and employees is assigned to heads of trade enterprises, and also to the officials responsible for fire safety of premises of trade institutions.

From the equipment in shop of completion of semi-finished products install the universal PM-1,1 drive with a set of cars for loosening, crushing of meat and performance of other operations. Except the mechanical equipment in shop install refrigerating appliances, washing bathtubs, production tables, mobile racks.

The third workplace is provided for a portsionirovaniye and holiday of dishes on distributing and is equipped with a table production with the cooled case and a hill and a rack for installation of ready dishes for realization. The hill is intended for storage of in advance prepared products (tinned fruit, greens of parsley, lemons, etc.) used for decoration of dishes.

At detection of shortage the unilateral statement of the revealed shortage is drawn up, these goods are stored separately, its safety is ensured and the supplier is called. After final acceptance the statement in 3 copies is drawn up.