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Writing a rule to the discipline of sociology

To identify social protection of socially vulnerable segments of the population living below line of a living wage it is impossible because the poor official who is interrupted "from a salary to a salary" and independently not protected will not be able effectively to protect others as simply it will not be rather efficient for this purpose.

deputy heads of administration of edge, heads of committees, departments, managements of regional administration, the chief of staff of regional administration, assistants (the adviser to the head of administration of edge - the head of administration of edge;

Also, are provided an extra charge for complexity, intensity, a special operating mode - to 50 percent of an official salary that will allow to compensate the loadings, especially administrative board connected with employment in off-duty time and the extra charge for the qualification category stimulating employees to professional growth.

Thus, the effective system of social protection of the population is counted not only on categories of the citizens who are directly needing such protection but also on the maximum development of economy, stimulation of labor efforts of each able-bodied member of society, creation of conditions in which he wanted and could earn. After all work gives sufficient means for effective social protection.

Such restrictions of the rights and freedoms for the sake of interests of society demand social compensation. Kohl the state limits the employees, it has to care of them, and this care has to be original and many-sided.